Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Noho 8-31-09 Follow Up

Was on my own yesterday and still had a great time. Handed out about 300 tracts and had some good conversations with people.

Here is a witness encounter with two young "skaters", Nick and Kevin who were probably 12-15 years old. You would be surprised how open teens are to talk. (Please be patient with me when hearing the quality of this, I'm working on the whole process of recording audio with mic position... its a work in progress)


  1. That was an excellent witness encounter. Thanks for sharing it. I think alot of kids are looking for a voice of truth, but all they hear nearly all the time is either lies in school, or a version of the false gospel and religion.

  2. Good work Brother Keep it Up. You encourage many of us!

  3. That was great and a very helpful tool!
    Praying for Nick and Kevin.

  4. Hey All,

    Hey Cast and 4HisGlory,

    Thank you for your encouragement! I'm trying to return to the body what others blessed me with when I first started to evangelize. Seeing videos from Mark Cahill, LawMan, Leon Brown and of course "Sensei Comfort" the Lord used these guys to help fuel the fire in my life!

    Glory to God,