Monday, September 28, 2009

Noho 9-26-09 Follow Up

Sharons prayer requests: Please pray for Hugo, Martin, Mario, Valentine, and Frank.

Mikes and Joanne's: Please pray for Mia who Joanne shared the Gospel with in detail and she prayed with her. Time will tell if her heart was given to the Savior. Pray also for William and his wife Vergie who claim to be Catholic and listen to some Gospel but had to leave. Pray for Art who said you get to heaven from being good. I started sharing the Gospel with him that none are good no not one and that we are all sinners and that only through Jesus Christ and his shed blood on the cross can anyone go to heaven. Then John 14:6 , Jesus is the only way, then all of a sudden he had to go. Also pray for Valentine a Ukrainian who needs to submit to Christ. All in all it was a glorious night of preaching, teaching, and sharing the Gospel with a lost and dying world.To God be the glory.

Davids: John who took a bible. Shane the homeless guy. The guy who rejects the deity of Christ and Evelyn the girl who cursed me out.

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