Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SCRIPTURE MEMORY - 2 Timothy 2:14-26

I'm really starting to understand the importance of scripture memory, especially because of evangelism. Here is a section that is so practical to read given how many false teachers we run into!

2 Timothy 2:14-26

Remind {them} of these things, and solemnly charge {them} in the presence of God not to wrangle about words, which is useless {and leads} to the ruin of the hearers.

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.

But avoid worldly {and} empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness,

and their talk will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus,

{men} who have gone astray from the truth saying that the resurrection has already taken place, and they upset the faith of some.

Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, "The Lord knows those who are His," and, "Everyone who names the name of the Lord is to abstain from wickedness."

Now in a large house there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also vessels of wood and of earthenware, and some to honor and some to dishonor.

Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these {things,} he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.

Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love {and} peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.

But refuse foolish and ignorant speculations, knowing that they produce quarrels.

The Lord's bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged,

with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition, if perhaps God may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth,

and they may come to their senses {and escape} from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.

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  1. Thank you for posting the Sword of the Spirit David. I have been involved in a three week conversation that has contained and been engulfed in myths, speculation, and a straying from facts. This post and MacArthur's study bible commentary surrounding these verses and related verses gave me the wisdom of God to walk away from this unfruitful and dangerous conversation.