Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wake Up!!

Michael YoussefEvery freedom-loving person should be extremely alarmed at the dreadful trend of silencing Christians from the streets of London to the streets of Dearborn, Michigan. In both places, Christians were arrested and imprisoned for preaching the gospel on public streets...in what Muslims considered to be Islamic territories.

When four young Christian men were recently arrested and imprisoned in Dearborn, Michigan, for witnessing to their faith at an Islamic festival, it was hailed as a victory in some Islamic circles -- sharia law has come to America.

Never mind the First Amendment...this is the beginning of its demise by overwhelming Islamic ideology that is hell-bent on silencing Christians and Jews from speaking of their faith.

In Arab countries where Christians make up a sizeable minority, Christians are not allowed to speak of their faith outside of the church walls. Now it is happening in America's heartland.

The silencing, humiliation, and reduction of Christians and Jews to second class citizens is as old as Islam itself. This Islamic doctrine is known as the "Dhimmis". It was articulated and implemented by "Omar," the second successor of their prophet Mohammad. He articulated this doctrine when he invaded Christian lands in an effort to subjugate Christian residents who were captured by the sword.

This is the third wave of Jihad. The first wave was in the middle 600s. The second wave was by the Turks in the 1700s. In this third wave, Muslims believe they can advance by taking advantage of Western ignorance of their ideology coupled with Western sympathies and a penchant for fairness.

To add insult to injury, the Counsel of Islamic Nations is pushing hard in the United Nations to implement an international law that would outlaw the preaching of the gospel anywhere in the world. As if this is not chilling enough, the Dearborn incident is now considered to be a good omen for Islamic take over.

Unless freedom-loving people wake up now, their children will wake up to discover that they are living under sharia law.

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  1. Its hard to watch and even harder to believe. Dare i say that God has given over and / or Satan has taken over dearborn.