Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hollywood Halloween Follow-Up 2010

Halloween Night was great. We had several faithful saints come over for good food and fellowship. My thanks to everyone who brought food and hats off to Sai who prepared us an authentic Thai BANQUET. This year I gave my son the choice of what he wanted to dress up as; either Batman or a Ninja... he wanted to go as A PASTOR! No I did not put him up to this. I think with the hat he may be a prosperity preacher.

Aye Laddie... I went dressed as the one and only William Wallace from Braveheart! Please try not to covet my mullet! When we were in Hollywood I must have had about 50 people ask to take their picture with me. So I gladly did and gave them a tract.
There was a Leprechaun who crashed the party for some food.
I wish Mike and his crew could have gone out with us to Hollywood but we were still blessed to have them drop by.
After we ate, we loaded up with tracts. Dean, Sai, Debbie, Sharon Kay and myself went to Hollywood. Forest and Nathan went to Noho subway station.
Hollwood was JAM PACKED with people and police. I felt it was more profitable to hand out tracts than to preach since everyone was moving constantly ... oh and did I mention all the police? ;)

At about 11:30 pm there was a point when the crowd changed from families to more of a party crowd. At one point there was a fight and a bottle being broken so we all were in agreement... it was time to head home.
At the end of the night we handed out over 10,000 TRACTS!! It was the most tracts we have ever handed out in one outing. Please pray the Lord uses the seeds that were sown to bring forth a harvest of salvation!!

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