Sunday, November 21, 2010

Resource for witnessing to JW's

Laurena asked in reference to the "Cheat Notes":

Can you make one for use with JWs? They are always coming to my door -- apparently we are the training ground neighborhood for the local church. It seems like they have an answer for every verse I quote. And when I give a gospel message they nod and agree with everything I say. Which verses will actually get me somewhere?

Hey Laurena,

THIS BOOK was an invaluable resource for me after the first JW I witnessed to was a 40 year JW it went for almost two hours! I felt the same way you did. David Reed was an "elder" in the command chain of JW's and started to read his bible and saw(by God's grace) that it didn't match up with what the Watchtower taught. He came to know the Lord and was then dis-fellow-shipped for asking questions and began his ministry. This book is great because he goes through verse by verse in the bible and how the JW's twist the scripture and now as a Christian he shows you some of the "Achilles heal" of their arguments.

HERE is an audio of when I had two ladies come to my door.

HERE is some advice from Paul Washer.

Below is a quick video a did a while ago on answering a JW. Hope this helps.

Bottom line Laurena, don't feel like you have to win an argument... they are trained to argue. I have learned to make it a point to just share the GOSPEL and trust the word of God that it does not return void and that it is the power of God unto salvation!

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