Sunday, June 19, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 6-20-11

We had a great turn out for evangelism this past Saturday night! I was really encouraged by our Elder of Evangelism coming out to witness with his wife and two of his kids. Forest, Dean, Sai, Mark, Steve and I were also out on a BUSY night at the Media Center.

Here while I was preaching two girls stopped to listen. Sierra took the good person test and I shared the Gospel with them. They both attend church but when I asked her if she had been BORN AGAIN she admitted probably not. They both took bibles!

Elder Bob teaching his kids "the ropes" of sharing the Gospel. Leading by example is something Jesus did and we should do as well.

There were MANY conversations with people. The Lord was faithful to open doors. Lately we have been meeting for a time of focused prayer before we go out and I believe we have been seeing the effects both in opportunities & our own attitudes being lined up with the Lord.

Dean testing out the hecklers mic.

We were very blessed to have Tony the Lawman and his daughter Marissa out that night. Here Tony is calling out to a group of young guys...

Elder Bob sharing the truth of scripture and giving some of his testimoy as well.

Dean finished the evening with an empassioned plea for people to REPENT and BELIEVE in the Gospel.

Please pray for: James (a Hungarian gentlman who I shared The Prodigal Son story with. He said "That is me." and took a bible), KC (a local teen who goes to church but had NOT heard the gospel explained to him, he took a bible and DVD) all those who heard the good news and took bibles.

To God be the glory!

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