Sunday, June 26, 2011

Noho Follow-Up 6-26-11

And the Award for the "Coolest Elder of the Year" goes to.... (drum roll)... Elder Bob! He rode out on his motorcycle to witness with his daughter Kayleen. We had a short night out but a GREAT night out at Noho. Just a heads up for any other evangelists that by about 7:30 pm on Saturdays Noho becomes a graveyeard. Prior to that there were several streams of people going to and fro.

Several of our regulars were MIA this night but the Lord still raised up laborers.

Here Elder Bob tried to reason with a guy who I've seen before heckle another preacher and try to stop the Gospel from going forth.

Beleive it or not the heckler mic got some great interaction from several teens who came up to ask questions. Amani (who claimed to be a satanist), Sam and Michael. There was a small crowd for about 45 minutes asking questions and listening to the Gospel. Several bibles went out.

Please pray for Elgin (he is a boxing trainer) who has been going through a lot in life and needs the Lord. While I talked with him it was touching to see this tough boxer begin to tear up while telling me of his trials. Pray the Lord uses it to soften his heart to the Gospel. He took a bible.

God is good!!

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