Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July in Hollywood!

I can't think of a better day to take advantage of the FREEDOM we have to proclaim the Gospel than the 4th of July! Well except for maybe every day!

Two dear brothers braved the heat with me to go to Hollywood Blvd. I had 1000 "4th of July Millions" that I inherited and wanted to move them out of my garage. :) What better way then to actually USE them.

It was a CROWDED day on the Blvd.

Steve has really been growing in his open-air. You can hear the Lords work in him. The bible display has been such a great way to let people take a bible while a guy is preaching.

Mark (who has MS) faithfully comes out sometimes needing his cane but still goes...

... and reguarly preaches the Good News! This day we had more people encourage us than heckle us. There was even a group of guys from a Baptist Bible College who prayed for us.

Later I did a little trivia to try and draw a crowd.

Had a professing Christian take the "Good Person Test", he went through it for the sake of the crowd, hugged me and thanked me afterwards. We handed out the lat of our Millions and headed home.

Please pray for Paul. He listened to me preach for a while then came up to share his testimony of how the Lord had delivered him from homosexuality & his heavy involved in satanism! He has been walking with the Lord for two years, sounded like he's getting good teaching and shares his faith regularly. May the Lord use Paul in a mighty way!

The Lord saves the VILEST sinners to display His GRACE!! I know because He saved a wretch like me!

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