Sunday, July 3, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 7-2-11

It was a SUPER BUSY NIGHT at Burbank Media Center!

We had an AMAZING turn out of High Schoolers, Pastors, church family and our regular evangelists! The Lord raised up many laborers to reach many people in Burbank. We were basically a SWARM of locusts that took over the area. My apologies for anyone who did not make it into a picture... there were just too many of you! Not a bad problem to have. :)

Pastor Tim brought out his whole family. Its always an encouragement to see Brea handing out tracts.

There were so many people handing out tracts that we kept the preaching going pretty solid all night. Had a few people stop while Mark explained the Gospel.

Steve preaching the good news. I like this picture because you see by the smile on Steves face it is GOOD news!

Dean preaching while people came up to take bibles from Steve. About 40 Bibles went out last night!

Earlier in the day Sai had a near death accident when she was crossing the street someone barreled through an intersection in their car and at the last minute slammed on the brakes coming within literally an "inch of her life". By God's grace and protection she was unscathed and out witnessing that night!

Many of the high schoolers had never done street witnessing. They all did GREAT!

This young brother even preached in the open-air for the first time and did a GREAT job sharing the Gospel.

At one point this kid Chris came up and fell to his knees in "mock worship" asking for a bible. I invited him to the mic where I took him through the Law and the Gospel.

Nathan passionately preached the Gospel even through tears at one point.

Thank you to all those who were faithful to come out and witness. To God be the GLORY!

Please pray for the guys who came up to the heckler mic: Dan (totally intoxicated), Robert (beleived some new age stuff), Evan (asked some interesting questions) also everyone who took tracts, bibles & heard the gospel this night.

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