Monday, August 1, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 7-30-11

Here is a brief follow-up from Steve V. for this past Saturday night:

"Our fearless team leader
(yeah right Steve ;) David S. was out in the trenches with the Ambassador's Academy team in Oceanside this weekend, so Steve M. ably served as point man for our outreach at the Media Center Mall in Burbank. He brought a case of (100) Bibles that was completely distributed by the end of the evening. Mark, Dean, Sai, Forrest, and Steve took turns with tracts, Bible distribution and preaching duties. We were joined by Chris V. who happened to be in the area and who served diligently giving out many tracts and engaging many in 1 to 1 conversations. Mark prayed for Jesus to be glorified and the Lord blessed us with an unusually peaceful environment and many who were receptive to the gospel. Several believers stopped to encourage us including these friends of Steve's from another church. (See pic of Steve with couple). Praise the Lord for another wonderful opportunity to serve Him in this exciting way."

Thank you guys for your obedience to the Great Commission! The Lord has been faithful to raise up faithful laborers for the harvest.

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