Sunday, August 28, 2011


It was a CRAZY night in Hollywood. Lots of people were out. Dean, Sai, Forest, Steve, Sharon, Richard & I were out on the Blvd and also... (drum roll)...

...Pastor Jack joined us! He is the THIRD Pastor to come out on the streets with us to witness to the lost. Richard is working on a project for CBC and needed to take some pictures of Pastor Jack. They decided that Hollywood would be a perfect "backdrop" and joined us to do some witnessing as well!

The Pastor is going to do a series on Genesis and they wanted to get some footage of him debating atheists or evolutionists. I tried desperately to draw a crowd using trivia... to no avail.

Pastor Jack still got to share the good news with a guy who said he was a Christian. Many others were listening, you never know how the Lord will use it.

We all handed out a BUNCH of Giant Hundreds and Million Dollar Bills.

Here the Pastor was talking with one of the Church of God folks who beleives in "Sinless Perfectionism." He actually brought his wife back to meet the Pastor and said that he wanted to visit CBC.

Dean had the highlight of the night when he was heckled by a guy with his own BULLHORN.

I thought this picture captured how effective this kind of ministry is in getting out the Gospel. Within a very small area several evangelists can reach people with various methods. This is such a great team of saints to serve with they are all becoming seasoned veterans!

What a great time down on the Boulevard! We are so blessed to have a church and leadership that supports this ministry by funding tracts but also by praying for us and joining us as we GO. Please pray for all those who heard or read the good news!

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." - Mark 16:15

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