Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hollywood Follow-Up 8-6-11

There were 6 of us this night (left to right) Steve, Clint, Chris, Elder Mike and his wife Joanne & myself.

It was a busy night at Hollywood Blvd. Trying to take advantage of the final summer vacation weeks of big crowds.

Right out of the gate Joanne was confronted with one of the "Black Hebrew Israelites." They are an angry bunch sent by satan who like to argue and distract evangelists from sharing the gospel. Best to be avoided.

Nicholas was a heckler that seemed familiar to me then I remembered that he was one of the bunch that heckled Tony at Noho almost 2 years ago TO THE DAY... weird!

Nicholas was pretty calm this time around while asking questions and he helped to draw a decent size crowd. I was blessed to get to talk with him 1-2-1 afterwards and he even shook my hand and took a copy of "The Big Question."

Steve was faithful to preach several times.
He gets more and more concise in his gospel presentation.

Young Chris (who is only 15 yrs. old) got up on the box a couple of times and open-aired "ala Whitfield"... PRAISE THE LORD!

This guy wanted a picture of the "Famous" Million Dollar bill. Of course he got to take one ;)

Over all it was a great night out. Tracts were flying out and the team was faithful to hand out about 1500 tracts. Getting to serve in this ministry with these excellent saints is such a blessing!


"For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel's will save it."
Mark 8:35

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