Thursday, August 23, 2012

Burbank Follow-Up 8-18-12

 Keeping this post quick because life has been super busy. We had a great time last Saturday night. Here Mark was getting heckled by a guy who asked "How old is the Earth?" and "What about dinosuars?" I have a question: Are those questions going to matter on judgment day?

 Sharon and several on the team handed out invitations to the Harvest Crusade with tracts inside.

 This was Ruths 2nd time out with us. Both her and Ben are new and have been a total blessing.

 Mark faithfully prays for us while we preach.

There was a great moment in the night I equate to being in the "Eye of the Storm" where all of a sudden there were about a dozen people just standing quietly and listening to the preaching of the Gospel. I mean LISTENING to it. And not a one heckled. A young guy named Raymond came up to thank me and said it was as if "someone grabbed his attention as he walked by and he couldn't help but listen." He then said, "its like someone turned on the lights and he understood everything."

Lord willing Raymond will respond by trusting in the Lord!

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