Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Noho tonight was GREAT!

There are just those times when it was a great night and tonight was one of them. I went to Noho at about 3:00 and was joined by Mike and Joanne and their whole CLAN! Also Jorge. We gave out a bunch of tracts (about 1000) and Scott and myself open-aired. I was blessed to do that about 4 times, and the crowds were consistent. Mike and I gave out several bibles and about 6 copies of Why Christianity. Lots of good heckling! It just felt like a fruitful time.

Please pray for James, who heard the preaching and stayed to listen. He is homeless and admitted his sins have ruined his life. He is going to join me at the local coffee shop at 7:00 am on Friday for a bible study!! Praise the Lord!

* Just a quick note: James called me this morning to tell me he had been thinking all night about what we talked about yesterday. He agreed with me that he is not a "back slider" but someone who has never "slid forward" in the first place. James knows he needs to give his life to the Lord and wants to have that bible study tomorrow morning. PLEASE PRAY IT IS GENUINE AND THE LORD SAVES HIM!! Good news is he is off the street and not going to be alone on Thanksgiving Day!!

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