Sunday, December 20, 2009

Burbank Media Center-FOLLOW-UP-12/19/09

Its always a blessing to go out and witness. It was Dean, Sai, Aaron, Jorge, Nathan & myself last night. Dean and I were blessed to preach after waiting for the "world record flute playing girls" to finish. They were actually playing very nice Christmas music but man, they just went on and on! We were then joined by Law Man and his Project Ezra crew who took on the epic task of reading the entire gospel of John.

We handed out a lot of tracts to all the last minute shoppers. Had a few witnessing opportunities. Shared with a guy named Tony who I've met before up at Burbank High. He kind of mixed Christianity with some new age "gobble-dee-goop", he had the basics, but there were a lot of things that indicated that he may have been a false convert. Bobby, a homeless guy who I've shared with before... keep trying! Also two Catholic teens.

Overall we had a nice time and its always an encouragement to see the Lord raising up more and more people to work the harvest!

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