Monday, December 21, 2009

Noho was great!

Just a quick follow up. Noho yesterday was great. FIVE faithful brothers showed up all from CBC! Jorge, Mike S, Aaron, Nathan and myself were the "Furious 5" punching the devil in the throat!

Handed out a bunch of tracts Aaron, Mike and I all preached. I was blessed to share the good news to a girl who seemed broken by her sin. Her name was "Shorty" and she was very receptive to the good news. Pray she submits to Christ.

At one point I just started to use the Amp to let people know we are giving out bibles , almost immediately a guy came up trying to distract the good news and it escalated into a full blown open air! There was another loud heckler who was talking to Nathan named "Joe", I asked him if he thought he was a good person and we were off!! He was a great heckler and drew a BIG crowd! (well to me it was, at least 50 + people were all ears)

This is what I would consider "Christian Etiquette" for those who are in the crowd and listening to the preaching. This clip was taken from from Ray Comforts Hells Best Kept Secret. If you are going to join street preachers where there is open-air preaching this clip is a MUST to listen to. It will help you to help those who are preaching to advance the gospel!

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