Monday, December 28, 2009

Noho/Hollywood after Christmas

"What better way to work off a HAM than to go out witnessing!" - Me

Six of us went out to Noho and Hollywood this past Saturday and had a great time witnessing! Bea, Dean, Sai, Aaron, Nathan and myself handed out a bunch of tracts at Hollywood, there were SO MANY people. Probably because of the Christmas weekend, the Lord drew many people to hear preaching from Aaron, Dean and myself and get tracts. A lot of those people were tourists from all over the world. Think of it, if they get saved they go to their country and then become soul winners themselves. Please pray for that. GLORY to GOD!

When I showed up at the Noho station, there was a guy there who stood out to me with three women. Sadly I believe he was a pimp with his prostitutes. God in His sovereignty had them get on the bus and then suddenly they got off again. I handed two of them a tract and they then sat down to wait for another bus... I had to take advantage of that moment! The batteries on my recorder died but here is almost all of what was said:

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