Sunday, October 4, 2009

Burbank Media Center - 9/3/09 - FOLLOW UP

The turnout for evangelism was AMAZING! Truly faithful at the ministry the Lord has given them! Sharon, Faith, Jorge, Dean, Sai, Hanna, Aaron, Bea, Mike, Joanne, Scott, Mike and his daughter, and a dear sister who I keep forgetting her name... sorry sister!
Sharon's prayer requests - Please pray for Ethan (raised in a Christian home but rebelling), Danny and his mom (catholic), 4 teenage girls

Davids prayer request - Christ & Kevin who took bibles and asked questions during open air preaching. The "Christian" girl who had no idea what the gospel was, she felt guilty while sharing the law. Her and her friend took bibles. Raul and his wife who thought Ray Comfort taught heresy for using the 10 commandments to evangelize. Those who took tracts and heard the preaching. Please pray for me to be more patient and listen to others speak before answering.

Faith asks prayer for: Please pray for Cecil who said that he was searching and looking into various religions. I shared the gospel with him and told him there was only one way through the Lord Jesus Christ. He listened and I gave him agospel of John and he said he would study it. Praise the Lord!

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