Monday, October 19, 2009

Noho Follow Up 10-17-09

I didn't get there until about 7:30 so I can only go off what people told me but when I showed up there was a SWARM of evangelists. About 20 people were there... PRAISE GOD! I'm constantly humbled to see what the Lord is doing at CBC. Mike and Joanne even brought out some of the high schoolers to join us. I was blessed to stand with Jordan in his open air reading of scripture. I've heard that the Pastors son Mark is now addicted, so I hope to see him out again! Apparently there was an "incident" with the same out-of-control drunkard Dean and I had a run in with at the 9-19 outing. He ended up getting arrested. Please pray for that man.

Over all I could only see good things that night and a FIRE is burning brighter at CBC for evangelism. I'm so blessed to be a small part of what the Lord is doing at our church! We serve a GREAT GOD who raises men and women up to work the harvest!


Faith writes: Please pray for Richard's salvations and two teenagers I shared the gospel with who had never heard the gospel before and didn't have a Bible and were interested in having a copy of a New Testament, but had to run and catch a bus, so I didn't get their names.

Sharon writes: I just can't believe the incredible one on one opportunities for the Gospel at NoHo. Here are the ones I can recall.
Marco - very broken. Has lost everything (marriage, job, house, car). We talked for quite a while and he took a Bible.
Hugo - this was the second time I spoke with him and he wants to come to church
James - claims to be a Christian but hasn' been reading the Word or going to church for 2 years.
DeDe - Joann spoke with her
Terrance - Kay spoke with him. He took a Bible and is going to check out Placerita Baptist since he lives in Canyon Country.
Mario - Cadence
Sherman - Cadence

David: Please pray for Mike who I've seen now 2 times... says he is a Christian yet was drunk both times and has no idea what the gospel is. I tried to share it, he did take a gospel of John.

Mike: Joanne shared with a lady named Betty at the end and she said she would pray right then to receive Christ and she did. Only God can work the miracle of salvation. We pray she did truly repent and believe.
Also Rebecca heard the gospel but refused to turn from her false beliefs. Pray God will use the Word shared with her to bring her to repentance.
There were others that heard the Gospel but I failed to get names, but God knows. It's that Omniscient thing He's got.

Praise GOD!!!

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