Sunday, August 15, 2010

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 8-14-10

Well last night was interesting at Burbank Media center. Clint, Jordan, Sharon, Mike & I went out to seek the lost. Mike set up his heckler mic which is always great. We were handing out tracts etc.

I started to preach and 3 young kids came up and one jumped on the mic. His name was Matt he was 9 yrs old! This started to peek the interest of people walking by when I was approached by a representative from the "Burbank Ambassadors":

Downtown Burbank's Ambassadors are dedicated to making customer visits informative and enjoyable. You'll see them answering questions from the public, giving directions, and generally being additional "eyes and ears" for the district. They communicate potential nuisances and hazards to the Burbank Police Department, and are good conduits for you to report issues like graffiti, spills or overflowing trash cans.

I guess we were a "potential nuisance" because he asked me to get down off the box, which unless someone is a police officer I do not. The police showed up and (seemed reluctant) to ask us to break down our set up for concern of not obstructing the flow of traffic. Which we complied.

They permitted us to keep preaching with a portable amp. Myself and Mike stuck to it and the Lord drew a group of teens to hear from Mike the good news!! Sadly he had to answer questions about gay marriage from 13 year olds... what a world.
I then tried to do some trivia to draw a crowd and I was immediately confronted AGAIN by the Burbank Ambassadors and asked to get down off the box. Which I denied. They threatened us with citations, took my picture... etc. I finished sharing the good news and we all went and had a burger at Johnny Rockets. Good times!! Please pray for the Ambassadors and those who heard the Gospel and received tracts!

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