Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last night was AMAZING!! We started off the evening with fellowship and pork BBQ sandwiches at our home. The team was Debbie, Mark, Sharon, Mike, Kareem, Rasheeda, Dean, Sai, Nathan, myself and when we got to Hollywood Blvd. Pastor Tim and his whole "brood" joined us.

Here some tourists got their pictures with a couple "Evangelism Stars" (Hanna and Carissa).

Just the other day I went and picked up an order of 20,000 Giant Hundred Dollar Bills printed by Miller Sherwood Printing. They did such a great job. We've already distributed well over 2000 of them!! Below Mike is handing out Millions, Mark is witnessing and Nathan is preaching his guts out.

The highlight for myself was when I did a little trivia to draw a crowd and within 3 questions the Lord drew such a big crowd that I got nervous and forgot the trivia questions. I immediately asked a girl (Thalia) if she thought she could pass the good person test and the crowd stayed. Honestly I think it was the biggest crowd I have preached to yet. Most of them stayed for the WHOLE gospel presentation and we even gave out about 10 bibles and Pocket Gospel of Johns at the end!! Praise the Lord!

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  1. Following your posts brother, love it, miss going out with you. God continues to do awesome things through you, my prayers are with you.