Monday, August 9, 2010


This past Saturday eleven of us went out for the first time in about 3 months to Hollywood Blvd. For those who don't know in early May the Hollywood police were doing a "clear and sweep" of all street performers and costume people on the Boulevard this also included evangelists. Myself and another brother both got loitering tickets which (thank the Lord) were dropped when the ACLJ went to bat for us. So we decided to go back out again. I'm sure the devil would love to keep us away because on a good night we hand out about three to four thousand tracks! It is a major tourist hub and a great opportunity to export the gospel.

Praise the Lord, no one got into any trouble but sadly its not the same boulevard anymore. Its lost its life. We still had good time and lots of opportunities to share the good news. Please pray for: Gale (58 year old agnostic, doesn't believe in original sin & that Jesus is God), Barron (an "intellectual" who recently left a cult), Reese and his family and the angry Muslim lady (she is the one yelling at Sharon in the picture above). Glory to God!

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