Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noho this morning

The past three mornings in a row the Lord has given me the privilege to go to Noho subway to preach the good news. I have been so blessed and had several great opportunities to share the Gospel one on one and open air preach. Today about 6 people again took bibles.

Just to encourage those who are to fearful to hand out tracts. The photo above was of a young lady who found a Chick Tract (This is your life) that someone left. I've seen them lying around there before. After I had finished preaching the lady typed out on her phone that she was hard of hearing. She took a bible. Sometimes tracts can reach certain people that open air-preachers cannot. Keep being faithful!

Please pray for: "Christmas" who listened and gave me a free candy bar after I preached. He took a Gospel of John. Abdul the "Cookie Guy" very nice Muslim guy who was open to hear the good news and said he would read Isaiah 53.

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