Saturday, August 21, 2010

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 8-20-10

Dean, Sai and I joined up with Lawman, Joey and their team in Burbank last night. Joey and his guys have been going to Burbank for about 4 years and they ran into the same problem with the "Burbank Ambassadors" that we did. Dean had a good crowd here. But again the Police showed up and the Ten Commandment sign, Einstein standup and preaching box were all BANNED!! The advice we got from the police was to go onto PRIVATE property which would then put us at risk of being reported by security there. Bottom line... they just don't want us there!
This is getting just plain sad. Thankfully we were allowed to preach but with no elevation or things to draw a crowd (which was also frowned upon). Tony got his cross to start conversations, I was able to preach once but with SUPER LOUD drums in the background.
Please pray for the Lord to open doors for the gospel in-spite of opposition.

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