Monday, May 30, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 5-28-11

It was a busy night at Burbank due to the three day weekend. Mark, Dean, Sai, Clint, Steve & I were the regulars in attendance...

... and we were joined by our dear brother Alvin! He is now a family Pastor at a church down in Bellflower.

We were also joined by Chad who was out for the first time with us. It's great to see the Lord working on people's hearts to get out there and SHARE THE GOSPEL!

This guy was there to try to distract & discourage many on our team. Kept twisting scripture and condemning us for what we were doing. At one point I heard him repromand Steve because he was "handing out false bibles... because they weren't the red letter version." Many guys on the team knew this guy and kept trying to reach out to him with the Gospel.

It was great to see Clint again. Like Clint several of us have little ones. Our dear wives are our co-laborers by taking care of the kiddos so that we can "GO"!!

I did a little triva to TRY to draw a crowd so that Alvin could then give the "Good Person Test."

Over all it was a great night, lots of tracts went out. God is good!

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