Friday, May 13, 2011

Spurgeon quote for the day! 5-13-11

"Do you hear this man as he speaks to himself? “Oh! if I could ever escape from this dreadful dungeon, it would be a heaven to me. If these awful fires could be quenched, if this gnawing worm would but die, then I would be content. If, after ten thousand, thousand, thousand years, I could hope to make my escape from this pit of woe, I would set all the bells of my heart a-ringing for very joy at the bare possibility that, at last, I might escape. But what is it that I see written before me? Forever! Forever on my chains; forever, branded on my limbs of pain; forever, on yon waves of fire; forever in the angry gaze of an incensed Deity; forever in those hungry depths, which seem to yawn to suck me into deeper woe; forever, forever, forever, forever!” - C.H. Spurgeon

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