Monday, May 9, 2011

Team 1 Follow-up- Burbank Media Center 5-7-11

"STEP RIGHT UP to the microphone!"

This picture (which was taken with my phone... because my battery was DEAD on my camera) this captures what happened later on in the evening.

We were blessed to have Elder Mike & Joanne bring out a few High Schoolers also Pastor Tim bring four of his kids as well. I've been so encouraged by the leadership of our church leading others and their own family out witnessing!! Sadly it was pretty slow when they were out but RIGHT AFTER they left the mic was on and LOTS of people came up to ask questions. I even got the classic... "Where did Cain get his wife?"

There was a small crowd for about an hour and a half. Steve and I were there until 10 pm! That is late for me being an old timer. ;) You know you got saved when you used to go out Saturday nights "clubbin" till 3am and NOW you're "witnessin"till 10pm... andit was a GREAT NIGHT!!

Please pray for: Kathline (Catholic- but asked lots of questions for at least 20 minutes, she listened intently) Kevin (asked about Cain), Hussain (He is a Muslim... non to happy with what I shared with him) and many others who heckled and heard the good news!

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