Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day in Hollywood!!

Memorial Day in Hollywood was one of those days where you have so much JOY going to share the gospel that you feel almost guilty having such a good time. Dean, Sai, steve and I had a great time!! It was sunny and breezy and there were TONS of people out there.

Over 1000 tracts were handed out!!

Many people came up to THANK us for what we were doing... they must have been tourists. ;)

We had some CBC branded Giant Hundreds printed up just in time to hand out.

Sai is a "tract handing machine".

For a "walking lunch" Dean and I each had the largest slice of pizza I've ever seen.

About 30 bibles went out during the preaching.

This was a great way to end the day. I handed a tract to a guy sitting in a cab... turned around and he was talking with Dean. He said the man was open to hear the gospel and had many great questions.

We serve a Great KING!

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