Sunday, June 14, 2009

Battlefield Tactics: False Teachers

I hope this is helpful.


  1. Hi bro,
    I'm one of those KJVO's so I'm still pulling the dagger out as I type this! I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with some individuals. There are a few of us out there preaching the law and gospel and not getting in the way of others doing the same. I serve with an evangelism team that isn't KJVO and I love them as much as any other believer, maybe even more so because they're out hitting the streets. Just don't want you thinking we're a cult. Stay faithful!

  2. Thank you 1611,

    I really appreciate the spirit of your post. Let me clarify IF I came across as lumping KJVO people with cults... that is NOT my intention. I should have title the clip "Dealing with people who like to argue". That is more of the direction I wanted to go.In my personal experienced the KJVO people that I've talked with (and that is not everyone) seem to want to argue and become a distraction to evangelism. If you are preaching the true gospel, praise the Lord!