Sunday, June 14, 2009


We had such a great time on Saturday. CBC was represented by Sharon, Faith, Forest, Clint, Steve and myself. We were also joined by Derrick, Dean and his wife Sai. Also a friend of theirs visiting from up north, Mike. NoHo as usual has waves of people to hand tracts to. Dean, Steve and I preached there. 

Then we hopped on the subway and in 15 minutes were in Hollywood! We stayed mobile preaching in 3 different locations. Sharon and Faith found a great spot to pass out tracts at a busy crosswalk. Steve and Derrick also preach in front of Mann's Chinese theater. Over all we handed out about 23oo tracts! Praise the Lord! After we got back to NoHo we had a sweet time of fellowship and dinner at a local Greek restaurant. 

What a blessing! The Lord is good to give us this ministry.

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