Sunday, June 28, 2009

Glendale/ Noho - FOLLOW UP

Last night we started in Glendale. The team was represented by Sharon, Forest and myself from CBC. Dean from Hope and Bee from Grace Church.

I have to be honest Glendale is such a cold environment. People are in their "love of pleasure" mode and just seem to ignore us. We were there for about 2 hours and were then joined by Greg's team from "Last Words Radio". I decided it would be best for us to change location to spread out the salt, so we went to NOHO. Originally we were going to go to Hollywood but then decided to just stay at the subway station... WHAT A BLESSING! I had the privilege to share a thorough Gospel presentation with the largest crowd I've had yet (who were not trapped in a line) which was about 50-70 people and they were attentive! There wasn't even any traffic noise it was just pure gospel!! Dean also preached 2 times, we had several teens come up and get a Gospel of John. I saw Sharon and Bee both witnessing 1-on-1 and we handed out about 300 more tracts... Glory to God!

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