Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Letter Bible Donation!

This is so cool! A couple of weeks ago Dean, Sai and myself went to Hollywood Blvd. on a whim. After I open air preached a guy approached me and introduced himself as Frank. He encouraged us in what we were doing and gave me a business card. On the card it said "Blue Letter Bible"(which is a very good online bible study tool) I told him I use that in my studies... Frank is the founder of that ministry and others like it to equip the saints.

He offered to send us 200 Blue Letter Bible software Cd's that we can give people who we speak with that have an interest in learning more about the bible. I just got them in the mail today!! What a blessing! This is one of those things that happens to encourage me that the Lord's blessing is on this ministry! PRAISE THE LORD!

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