Sunday, January 24, 2010

Burbank Media Center-FOLLOW-UP-1/23/10

Over all a good time. Sharon, Mike S, Jorge, Nathan, Joshua, Christian (first time out with us), Hanna & Mark were the team. We had been to Noho and Hollywood the past 2 weeks so I thought it was time to hit a local community spot of Burbank Media Center. I'll be honest its a tough spot. People are drunk on affluence and pretty much ignore you or just give you dirty looks. Mike S brought out a heckler mic setup which I greatly appreciated and enjoyed. It gives people an opportunity to speak their mind on what we are saying or ask questions. It can be very beneficial to drawing a crowd. One girl even came up and said, "I totally disagree with everything you are saying, but I have to say when I saw you had a heckler mic... I thought that was cool."

Below is a perfect example of how handing out Million Dollar Bill tracts can be used to "hook" a conversation. AJ is an Atheist and I really enjoyed talking with him. He was respectful and patient in the conversation. The temptation when talking with an Atheist is to attack the folly of evolution. But this will not save the person you are speaking with. The GOSPEL is the power of God unto salvation. I don't need to seem "intellectual" or win some philosophical argument, I want to win the person the Christ. So if someone says "Prove to me there is a God." My response, "My friend... I would be more than happy to share why I believe in God." They have just given you an open door to the Gospel.

Pray the Spirit doesn't let AJ sleep until he gets saved!

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