Friday, January 29, 2010

Q & A - Ways of doing evangelism

Johnny's Question:

What are some creative ways of doing evangelism in closed countries?

I have been out and about in the middle east for 6 years with Arabs for Christ. Every year, I meet more and more missionaries that would rather do nothing than risk getting in trouble with various muslim governments. For the most part, I would rather risk it and just go for it... But what other ways are there of reaching out with minimal risk?

Dave's Answer:

Johnny, thank you for considering me to even try to answer this question which to be honest I feel completely unequipped to answer being that I basically live in "Christian Disneyland" in the USA. I don't want to give you any advice that would put you in danger since I'm not born and raised in an environment that is so hostile to Christianity, so please take anything I say and run it through a "grid" of more godly counsel.

Tracts come to mind. One, because you can leave them discretely in places: pay phone change slots, bus benches, stuffing books or magazines in coffee shops, randomly mailing them with no return address, etc. Second, tracts are thorough and people can read them privately at their own discretion. The Lord can use a good tract.

Voice of the Martry had some interesting ideas for getting out the Good News. HERE is an idea using fax machines.

HERE is an idea that they used with helium balloons. Even if you tied one tract to a helium balloon and let the "wind blow where it wishes." You never know how the Lord will use it. Praise the Lord for your boldness and faithfulness. Please feel free to write back if I have totally missed the mark.

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