Sunday, January 31, 2010


The teams handed out about 3500 tracts so please pray they pierce the heart!

Many thanks to Joanne who hand stamped CBC info on 1500 Giant Hundred Dollar bills.
Thank you to Michael who co-ordinated all the grub and to Joshua and Mike M. who taught with me.

Glory to God for another great night!! Its always crazy with that many people... 29!! But the Lord was with us protecting us and got us back on time. Thank you for your prayers.

Sharon asks prayer for:
Stephen, Paul, Omar and Neba, Leonel

David asks prayer for: Alicia (she has heard us preach before. I was blessed to share the gospel with her again and Sharon gave her a DVD), Alexander (Seemed to be an evolution/new age-ist...
god is in all of us...but we evolved?)

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