Monday, January 4, 2010

Hollywood Follow-up 1-2-10

What a great night! The team was Clint, Dean, Mike S, Nathan, Bea, Hanna, Lawman, Aaron & myself. There is such an energy out there at night we love it. At one point a bunch of break dancers came and "muscled" us out if where we were set up, but the Lord used it. The crowd got big and forced people to go around through this small narrow way... past guys handing out tracts like crazy!! We way under estimated how crowded it would be, probably handed out about 2000 tracts.

Here is the first Gospel presentation I preached. I had one older lady listen to the whole thing and she took a bible, you'll hear me interact with her a little. Four other people took bibles as well, for Hollywood that is really good. PRAISE THE LORD!!

Later on that evening we ran out of tracts and just started handing out a bunch of bibles.

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