Saturday, March 19, 2011


Tonight was the Veritas "group" for CBC's Crash Course evangelism class... and ONE faithful, brave soul came out with us. It was a little disappointing, I'll admit it. I have to remember how long I was a Christian before the Lord woke me up to the need to go out to the world and be a witness for Jesus Christ. Our dear sister Hanna had to endure me teach her for 40 minutes then we ate some pizza and went via the subway to Hollywood Blvd.
It was a busy night out on the Boulevard
Well in 64 days we'll see if he is a true prophet... if not we STONE HIM ;)
We spent the night in front of Manns Chinese Theater. We preached several times and Praise the Lord... no police showed up!
Mike and his wife showed up on a "date" to go out witnessing.
We were also blessed to have Tony the Lawman join us. A bus load of tourists was greeted by Tony giving them a Million Dollar bill saying "WELCOME to HOLLYWOOD!"
Mark hands this young girl a Gideon New Testament... maybe we'll see her in heaven one day. About 40 bibles went out this night!
Hanna hands out Giant Hundreds while Sharon witnesses.
Tony, Mike, Nathan and I all preached.
Another great night on Hollywood Blvd. We handed out tons of tracts! Its amazing what a few people can do in a few hours by God's grace!
We finished back at Noho with Mike preaching once more and getting a drunk heckler to give him a piece of his mind... all in a nights work!

Please pray for those who got tracts and bibles and heard the good news!


  1. Hey there! Thanks for your faithfulness, I am encouraged by your blogs and I don't even know you. I live in Redondo Beach and go out regularly to share the gospel with friends from other churches. My church is not that interested in street evangelism and I am praying that changes in the days to come. My main question was to see where you get your bibles that you pass out? Are they NT only or full Bibles? Any info you have would be helpful. Thanks.

  2. Hey Jason,

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I actually became a Gideon just to get access to those little NT bibles w/psalms & proverbs. People love them because they are pocket size. You pay like $40 for the yearly dues then its $1.40 per bible in cases of 100. The good thing is that you can get cases to hand out at Schools (i.e. colleges, high schools, Middle schools) FOR FREE. I've never handed out more bibles since becoming a Gideon.

    Hope that helps & keep fighting the good fight... in eternity it will all be worth it!!