Sunday, March 6, 2011

Missions Conference 2011

Had a nice time this weekend at our churches Missions Conference. Its amazing to see how the Lord raises up different people with different burdens for the lost... but all having in common the desire for people to know Jesus Christ as Lord! This year they gave the kids a Passport that they got to walk around and ask each Missionary different questions and get it stamped. I had a great time talking with Don Allen from the Navigators who has been witnessing to college students for 37 YEARS!! There were many other FAITHFUL warriors of the cross from ministres like Hope Again, Avenues, Ministry to the Blind and Deaf & the Hollywood Church and many more.
Claudia has a wonderful Spainish childrens ministry.
2011 Missions Conference Attendees
Here was the CBC Evangelism booth for this year... REPRESENTIN'. I had the great priviledge of briefly sharing what the Lord has been doing with our ministry and to share the promo video which features Paul Washer for the attendees.

I offered out Million Dollar Bills and Giant Hundreds to encourage people to pass them out to others. Also several copies of Hells Best Kept Secret were taken which Lord willing will fuel many more to share the Gospel.

IF you have never listened to Hells Best Kept Secret you should, ENJOY!!

PS- Whenever I talk with people I often feel that I am a "ME MONSTER". Watch this hilarious video below and you will know what I'm talking about. The Lord is working on me to learn to "esteem others as better than myself" in conversation.

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