Sunday, March 13, 2011

Loud Amps: YES or NO?

Please take this post as a healthy critique and not an attack. We should all be open to examine the wisdom of our methods.

The video below was filmed on Hollywood Blvd. a few weeks ago. There was a team of evangelists from another church who were faithful to come out and share the gospel. Praise the Lord for that! This post has nothing to do with the content of their message, or their desire to see people saved, but merely the issue of the VOLUME of amps. I had gently approached one of the guys on the their team; as a brother to suggest that maybe they should consider a better quality amp. I pointed out that maybe their amp was a little "sharp" on the ears. You could actually hear the second team they had set up from across the street.

I believe that many people (and I'm totally guilty of this) equate VOLUME with PASSION. Ian paisley said "You get on fire in the pulpit and people will come to see you burn!"

The poll question is:
Loud Amps: YES or NO?

YES-People need to hear the gospel no matter what!
2 (16%)
NO-We want people to hear the gospel not lose their hearing.
10 (83%)


  1. Overwhelming no from me...for amps in general. I think they somehow take the pleading out of our voice.

    Loved the open air you posted bro!
    -Greg in KS