Saturday, March 12, 2011

TEAM 1 Follow-up- Burbank Media Center 3-12-11

Tonight we tried out two teams. Mike, Mark, Nathan & Elder Bob went out to Noho Subway station. Steve, Sharon, Forest & I went to Burbank Media Center.
It was a busy night at the Media Center.
I encourage you all to KEEP GOING! It will be worth it in eternity!
LOTS of tracts & bibles went out.
It was a great night. Steve & I preached while we did the "Stand with the Preacher" technique. Several bibles went out. At one point I preached and the Lord drew a small crowd and great questions from the heckler box from about 4 people all of whom took a bibles.

Please pray for Sonya (she is Orthodox Christian and does not attend church) and the three teens who asked questions. God is good!!

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  1. This is great. Very encouraging. It's good to see laborers out in the harvest.