Sunday, March 27, 2011

TEAM 1 Follow-up- Burbank Media Center 3-26-11

Team 1 was in Burbank and Team 2 in Noho on a gloomy, rain looming night. I've been amazed at the faithfulness of the evangelists who have been going out inspite of the rain. The past few weeks have been super rainy and these saints keep going. We've been preaching and handing out tracts from under umbrellas if we have to... but the Gospel keeps going forth! The first time I didn't go out witnessing because of rain I was convicted of my "need for comfort". People are going to HELL and I didn't go out because of rain?! Talk about a fair weather Christian. Since then I've made it a point to go no matter what the weather and have been blessed every time.

Team 1 was Sharon, Forest, Steve and myself.
Sharon has to be one if the BEST at getting 1-on-1 conversations.
It was a busy & loud night complete with bad saxaphone playing & break dancing.
Steve handing out the Millions. Lots of tracts went out.
I recently was blessed with the income to get a heckler mic setup which we broke out tonight. If anyone isn't familiar with a "Heckelr Mic" its where you set up a mic to let anyone who wants to ask a question or give their two cents about what we're sharing. Its a great way to draw a crowd. Built into the box I'm standing on is a "kill switch" that I can step on at any point to shut off their mic if the heckler has potty mouth or gets out of control. We didn't have any hecklers tonight but its nice to have this extra way to reach people.
Over all it was a great night. Handed out several bibles and had a few people stop and listen to the gospel. We wrapped it up right before it began to rain. Praise the Lord.

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