Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spurgeon quote for the day! 3-3-11

And you will not come unto Me, that you might have life.” John 5:40

"As the man is spiritually dead, God has spiritual life for him— for there is not a need which is not supplied by Jesus. There is not an emptiness in the heart which Christ cannot fill. There is not a ruin which He cannot fix! There is not a desert which he cannot make to blossom as the rose. O you dead Sinners! You spiritually dead, there is life in Christ Jesus, for we have seen—yes—these eyes have seen—the dead live again! We have known the man whose soul was utterly corrupt, by the power of God seek after righteousness. We have known the man whose views were carnal, whose lusts were mighty, whose passions were strong—suddenly, by irresistible might from Heaven—consecrate himself to Christ and become a child of Jesus! We know that there is life in Christ Jesus, of a spiritual order. Yes, more—we, ourselves, in our own persons, have felt that there is spiritual life. Well can we remember when we sat in the House of Prayer, as dead as the very seat on which we sat! We had listened for a long, long while to the sound of the Gospel, but no effect followed, when suddenly, as if our ears had been opened by the fingers of some mighty angel, a sound entered into our heart. We thought we heard Jesus saying, “He that has ears to hear, let him hear.” An irresistible hand put itself on our heart and crushed a prayer out of it. We never, before, had a prayer like that. We cried, “O God! Have mercy upon me a sinner.” Some of us, for months, felt a hand pressing us as if we had been grasped in a vice and our souls bled drops of anguish. That misery was a sign of coming life! Persons, when they are being drowned, do not feel the pain so much as while they are being restored. Oh, we remember those pains, those groans, that living strife which our soul had when it came to Christ! Ah, we can remember the giving of our spiritual life as easily as could a man his restoration from the grave. We can suppose Lazarus to have remembered his resurrection, though not all the circumstances of it. So we, although we have forgotten a great deal, do remember our giving ourselves to Christ. We can say to every sinner, however dead, there is life in Christ Jesus! Though you may be rotten and corrupt in your grave, He who has raised Lazarus, has raised us—and He can say, even to you, “Lazarus! Come forth!”

C.H. Spurgeon-"Free Will- A Slave"

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