Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gospel/Bible Verses-Cheat Sheets

I have found that many people have the desire to share the gospel or open air preach... but they don't know what to say. What I have found really helps is having your favorite verses in a clear gospel presentation INSIDE your bible. I've attached what I keep taped in my bible for just such an occasion. These are some of my favorite verses and I hope they will help you in your efforts. I would encourage you to add your own favorite verses. Remember its Gods word that doesn't return void...not our own words. Share as much scripture as you can!

If you are new to evangelism, some of the above notes may be a little overwhelming so below is a ONE PAGE GOSPEL PRESENTATION.


  1. Very cool, David! Thanks for sharing it with us. I shrunk it down to fit in my compact ESV (60%). Another good "cheat sheet"/ Evangelism Quick Reference Guide (along with a bunch of other free goodies) from Living Waters can be found at:


    Great job on the new blog; lovin' it!

  2. How can i thank you for publishing these!!! I got a glimpse of one in your bible when you were preaching and thought "i need to make one of those" - Thank you!!

  3. Guys,

    These cheats sheets are a MUST HAVE for those of us who are just begining to open air share. Thanks you David for your work on these and sharing them with us

  4. David,

    These are great. I just started to put this together last week and now it will much easier seeing these!!!

    Thank you,

  5. Thank you for posting these wonderful verses.

  6. This is just what I needed. What a time saver! Love it.

  7. Can you make one for use with JWs? They are always coming to my door -- apparently we are the training ground neighborhood for the local church. It seems like they have an answer for every verse I quote. And when I give a gospel message they nod and agree with everything I say. Which verses will actually get me somewhere?

  8. Greetings from India Thanks for Sharing