Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Acacia Park - Colorado Springs 4-12-11

Had a GREAT time yesterday!! Preached at Acacia Park which seems to be a MAGNET for troubled people and drugs. There were about 30 people just hangin' out there. The Lord gave me the courage to preach and I was almost immediately confronted by a woman who seemed to be high on something. She tried to intimidate me and even went as far as to "semi-shove" me. God gave me the grace to give a soft answer, hop on a wall and keep preaching. She ran off screaming something incoherent. A couple guys listening to almost the whole Gospel then took bibles and gave me an AMEN. Afterwards I stood with the cross and handed out bibles to those who wanted them. God is good!!


  1. We are praying for you David. We're praying that the Lord will work in the hearts of those you hear you. WE MISS YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!

  2. We'll be there tomorrow between 11-1pm if you would like to join us again ;)

    Miss you brother.