Sunday, April 17, 2011

Manitou Springs - Colorado Follow-up 4-16-11

On Saturday my family and I went down to visit Robert, Steve & Connie from IANAministries as they reached out to the folks in Manitou Springs. I got hit with some high-altitude sickness so I was not myself. They definatley took the lions share of evangelism but I had to try to do a little witnessing while my peeps milled around.
Robert and Steve preached several times.
I tried again to do some dollar trivia AGAIN which is almost impossible but
managed to get a few people to listen and Josh (the young man in the green cap)
took the "Good Person Test" for five bucks.
I felt like passing out after I got off the box. Its always worth it!
I even got a stack of $1's and $5's from the bank yesterday for my stay out here.
Steve got to give some tracts to these ladies who were out here for a "Christian Women's Conference"...? God is good and there are opportunities in every community to share the Gospel.

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