Friday, April 1, 2011

Manitou Springs Follow-Up 4-1-11

This place caught my eye the last time we were in Colorado and I thought it was beggin' to be preached at. I was totally nervous because it was a new place and I had no one there to back me up. But the Lord gave me the courage. We're never alone. WOW... did I under estimate how good it would be to preach here. Don't let the pictures fool you. I was blessed to open-air to what started as one guy then a group af teens showed up who were VERY antagonistic to the gospel then the crowd grew to a mixture of the local homeless street crowd and tourists which numbered about 20-30 people for about an hour and a half!! It was crazy. Alas I have no pictures to prove it since I was by myself.

The Lord was giving me the grace to answer a lot of hecklers questions. One of the common objections brought up was the: Myth Claims about Jesus. At one point even a couple of hecklers gave me "props" for hanging in there with all the opposition. Several people came up to encourage me. I was offering out bibles while I preached and ran out of what I had on me.
I was told by a local (who was angry with me) that Manitou Springs has many religions, diverse people, "pride" parades and one of the largest Witchcraft communities.
My response, "I guess I'm in the right place!"
The gospel went out to many people today, PRAISE THE LORD!!

Please pray for: Sky (she took the "good person" test & heard the gospel), Carol, Becky (hecklers who took bibles), "The Angry Guy" (took a bible then gave it back), River (heckler who after I preached took a bible then hugged me), everyone else who heard the good news.


  1. Good job, bro. Clean, sparsely populated, pretty places need the gospel too. Have a great time with the family.

  2. okay okay... it wasn't 20-40 people... it was more like 20-30... and they weren't people... they were squirrels. ;)

  3. and not those scraggly Burbank squirrels either, I'll wager. They were those majestic, fluffy rodents, weren't they?