Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Burbank Media Center Follow-up 4-2-11

Mike lead the team at Burbank and here was his follow-up for the evening (I just want to praise the Lord for all your faithfulness to the great commission, truly this team is a product of the Spirits work in your hearts):

Attending was me, Mark, Forest, Steve, Sharon, Dean, Sai, Elder Mike, Joanne, Scott and another high schooler (whos name I forgot). Me, Steve & Dean preached - we handed out lots of tracts, about 20 bibles went out - uneventful as far as heckling or law enforcement opposition. Many conversations through 1 on 1 took place.

Hopefully, Jesus was pleased and glorified - the saints were faithfull to witness, and I'm anticipated the day when we will see the fruit in heaven.

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