Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Palmer High - Colorado Springs 4-6-11

Went down into the Springs to witness today for a couple of hours. Handed out some tracts and decided to go over to the local high school.
I was debating on wether I should hand out bibles or tracts and remembered an approach I learned from "Leon Brown" when I first started witnessing. He said that he would blanket a place FIRST with tracts then come back and open air. The tracts would till the soil of the heart and Lord willing prepare it for the Gospel being preached. I thought I would apply that here before offering Bibles or open -air preaching. So today was ONLY tracts.At the end of handing them out the Lord opened a door to share the Gospel to Tanya and Cordy. (My apologies for the audio quality, it was windy and the mic was crooked) Also I learned from this that I need to SLOW DOWN and explain things better. Also sharing the Word more than I do. However I was encouraged by something from Steve's evangelism class, "God can use your mess ups... but He can't use your silence."

This picture was taken after I shared the Good News with Cordy. You never know, today could be his day of salvation. Spurgeon got saved when he was 15 years old. ;)


  1. Hey Dave... Was Leon your leader at the Ambassador Academy?

  2. Nope. I've never attended an Ambassadors Academy.

    The Lord used Leon, Tony the Lawman, Mark Cahill, Ray Comfort and others to inspire me to GO out and share the Gospel. Watching their videos and listening to their audio were very encouraging and instructive to me when I didn't know what to say. Its one of the reasons I started a blog as well. If anything from my experiences people can learn what NOT to do. ;)

  3. Cool... Leon was my leader at Amb. Academy #2.