Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colorado Springs 4-13-11

Drove into the Springs for some witnessing and sadly got rained out. I totally forgot my umbrella and rain coat but still stood with the Cross and offered out Bibles until it rained too much. Five people took one, that was a praise.
A disturbing trend I've noticed in Colorado Springs is the legalization of WEED!!
... as I drove down ONE street in Old City Colorado there was shop...
....after shop. They were trying to label this as "medicine"... PU-LEASE.
I visited Amsterdam when I was younger and believe me
this does nothing good for the health of a community.
There must have been a dozen shops along this one street.
Yesterday after I preached at Acacia Park a guy approached me and said, "Nothing drives away the smell of dope than the aroma of the Gospel." Well said. That is the cure for any culture that is on a downward spiral... the Glorious Gospel!! Please keep praying for me because in the midst of all this beauty there is much darkness.

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